Civano Nursery Making the Difference

Recycling Green Waste

In 2005 Civano Nursery partnered with Tucson Electric Power in a large capacity mulching operation at T.E.P.’s H. Wilson Sundt Generating Station. Tree limbs and brush trimmed from around utility poles and power lines are used to make compost.


The operation produces about 5,000 short tons of compost each year. The compost yard also serves as a temporary home for trees that have been salvaged from construction sites. About 400 tons of green waste is removed annually from power line corridors, as well as from some local landscaping companies. Every year, these efforts help prevent more than 15 tons of green waste from being disposed of in a landfill.

The compost from this yard is expertly processed to produce premium soil for our shrubs and trees which we grow on our 70 acre growing facility in Sahuarita. These plants are then shipped to our garden center just for you.

Civano Nursery also takes pride in the fact that we recycle used plant containers, just another way we reduce waste in our landfills.


Civano Nursery is a proponent of education and has always participated with local schools, from donating plants to school projects, to hosting classes and tours of the garden center. Our goal is to educate the future generations on the importance of gardening and that getting dirt on your hands is a good thing.

Our garden center professionals know that education is the key to success in life. We are available to assist your children with their plant projects and we are more than happy to host school tours as requested throughout the season.

Beads of Courage

Civano Nursery has selected Beads of Courage as its charity of choice. Beads of Courage helps children RECORD, TELL and OWN their stories of courage during treatment for cancer and other serious illness. Visit and show you care.