Civano Nursery's Plant Catalog

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Argentine Toothpick - Stetsonia coryne

This South American-native has pretty blue-green flesh, with rows of long, toothpick-like spines along its ribs. It can grow quite large, up to thirty feet tall and eighteen feet wide, giving it a tree-like appearance.

The Argentine Toothpick is commonly grown in pots and containers, but is much more likely to flower and thrive in your landscape. Large white flowers appear at night in late spring and early summer. They are followed by a yellow fruit that has an edible white pulp. While it can tolerate the full sun, placement under a nurse tree while it’s young can help it prosper.

Plant Details

  • Common Name:
    Argentine Toothpick
    Botanical Name:
    Stetsonia coryne
    Plant Type:
    Cactus and Succulents
    Size (H x W):
    20 - 30 ft x 15 - 18 ft
  • Blooms:
    Full Sun, Part Shade
    18° F
  • Pruning:
    Growth Rate:
    Slow to Moderate
    Flowering Season:
    Late Spring, Early Summer